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6 Steps to Kickstart your Fitness Journey
We're halfway through 2024 and you still haven't been able to push the needle when it comes to your fitness aspirations. Don't you yearn to get that agility in your feet; that pump in your arms; that muscular confidence? Here’s 6 simple steps on how you can get started on your fitness journey.
Strides, Strokes & Pedals
We dive into the fitness journey of Ayesha Mansukhani - a busy professional and a passionate triathlete. Catch a glimpse of how she balances a demanding work life with her athletic pursuits as she prepares for her first half Ironman. 
Active Recovery for Back Health

Back pain has become a byproduct of our modern lives. We spend so much time sitting at work, in cars, on the couch, etc. Our laptops, phones and other devices make us lean forward, grounding our spine all day long and straining our back muscles. 

A Healthy Twist - The Sweet Potato Falafel
Fuel your day with Chef Sadeev's Sweet Potato Falafel Bowl. This guilt-free indulgence is his go-to post-workout meal. Discover the recipe on our website. Click below for the video and recipe.
Running Towards a Stronger Bond : Meet the Mehras
Chandramohan and Sheran Mehra dive into how their shared passion for running and fitness has not only helped their professional lives but has also translated to a healthy and long lasting relationship as a couple.

From balancing busy work lives to conquer- ing marathons all over the world together, they remind us that life isn’t just about the
finish line.
Introduction to Boxing

Boxing is not only a thrilling display of physical prowess but also a disciplined art that demands a combination of skill, strategy, and athleticism. Whether you're a novice intrigued by the sport or a fitness enthusiast looking to explore new horizons, this introduction to boxing will provide you with the basics you need to know.

Yoga For Runners
Discover how yoga can unlock new strides in your running routine. Boost your mobility, and explore an evolution of movement. Get ready to hit the road in a whole new way.
Of Grit & Tenacity
An incredible story of grit and tenacity.

It is easy to give up when life throws challenges at you. It takes courage, self-belief and perseverence to overcome challenges.
Going against all odds and returning to a high level of independence right up to becoming a marathoner, Nihad always knew the work would eventually pay off.
The Shaolin Way ft. Harshh Verma

Harshh Verma, is the first Indian in centuries, to be accepted into the Shaolin Temple in Northern China. From an injury on the football pitch to becoming a warrior monk, this story is about overcoming adversity and challenging yourself in new ways.

Back To Our Primal Roots
Nithin Jayaraj (a.k.a. @theshreddedfarmer) takes us back to our roots when it comes to fitness & bodybuilding. Once used as weapons by warriors of centuries past, the mudgar (Indian club), gada (Indian mace) and sumtola (Indian barbell) later found their way into the akharas of India. Even today, they remain essential tools in the Pehlwani or Kushti wrestling tradition.
To The High Point

Meet Harshvardhan Joshi, a 24-year-old engineering graduate who dreams high – 8,848 meters above sea level. With over 40 high-altitude expeditions under his belt, Harsh has made Mount Everest his next mission.

TEGO X Anish

Ready. Set. PLAY.

Whether you’re a 90’s kid or from the Gen Z, a veteran everyday athlete or just starting out your fitness journey, you need a playlist to fuel your sessions and we’ve put together the perfect energy booster for you! 'Tego X Anish Sood' is a curation of carefully selected music by one of the country’s leading DJs Anish Sood to keep your body moving.

Straight Talk with Kabir Uppal

The host of ‘The Pursuit of Wellness’ talks about the past, present and future of his podcast series, how his inclination for fitness fuelled its growth, and the need for relatable fitness content.

The Front Runner

Nakul Butta of All In Running is a vital player in India’s running eco-system. This top finisher of major races across India not only works with runners to push their boundaries, but he’s also building a community for like-minded people who subscribe to an active lifestyle.

Leading The Pack

Meet Praveen Raja, a 40-something father of two, who’s been leading his ever-growing community of fitness enthusiasts to look and feel their best.  

Beating The Odds
Meet four-time Ironman 70.3 participant Neil D’silva, a former drug user-turned-triathlete who turned his back on addiction in favour of the high that comes with crossing finish lines at endurance races.
Inside the mind of a Raging Runner

Everything you ever wanted to know about ultra running from a man who completed the ultra-challenging Marathon Des Sables, a 250-km race across the Sahara Desert.


8 questions with Vedharth Thappa
How the fittest man in India (Reebok CrossFit World Open Games 2017) stays on top of his game
7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore a Foam Roller
If you haven’t got a foam roller or you are in fact frowning, and thinking ‘what is a foam roller’ then this article could quite possibly change your life. Well, maybe we over exaggerate a little but once you’ve read...
The Importance of a Great Playlist for your HIIT Workout
Despite your best efforts to stay consistently tuned into your exercise schedule, sometimes you just hit a brick wall and can't muster the courage to continue. Or you've been grinding at it for weeks on end, and even if your body's not sore, your mind just feels burnt