The Importance of a Great Playlist for your HIIT Workout

The Importance of a Great Playlist for your HIIT Workout

Despite your best efforts to stay consistently tuned into your exercise schedule, sometimes you just hit a brick wall and can't muster the courage to continue. Or you've been grinding at it for weeks on end, and even if your body's not sore, your mind just feels burnt out.

Worse still if you work out at home and don't get to take in the 'vibey' atmosphere of a kitted out gym. Music - as studies have shown, can definitely wake up a sleeping cat. And it can also help you get back into the groove of exercising if you've lost the will to get sweaty all over lately.

You know those routines the mere thought of which fills you with anxiety and you start plotting an exit strategy? You've been through them a dozen times already but still, lack the mental tenacity to give it your best. A banging tune that gets you ''in the mood'' might be just what the doctor ordered to help you conquer the most gruelling of workout sessions.

How To Take HIIT Training To A Whole New Level

With high impact interval training the goal is to get the best possible results out of short yet intensive routines. But remember in order to reach the required intensity you have to actually love and enjoy pushing yourself past your limits. A stunning track is one which makes the seemingly impossible suddenly easy.

Music provides a powerful way of taking your mind off the strange feelings you experience when you're exercising really hard. Not only does this serve as a welcome distraction, so you can concentrate better on exercising with proper form, it also helps you to pump out more than you thought you could. The result - more calories burnt, more muscle built, and that wonderful feeling you get when you successfully trump your previous record.

Music Is Wonderfully Distracting To Help You Overcome Any Exercise Challenge

To put all this into perspective let us consider how it goes when you usually hit the mat and exercise. If you're busy with a relatively easy routine, you hardly take it to heart, and so it is natural to have the mind drift and not focus on what you're doing. But when it comes to an exercise that you find truly challenging your entire mind is locked onto every ounce of effort required to do complete a single rep.

Not only that - you are keenly aware of the intensity involved and the stresses felt by every tissue in your muscles and joints. What happens eventually is that you cut back on the effort to make the exercise easier. More often than not you lie to yourself and reduce the workload or duration of the workout.

Now when you are exercising to the beat of your favourite song, your attention span is nicely spread out. Distracted from the perceived nightmare inside the meat of an exercise, it's like you hardly feel any sense of strain or tiredness setting in. You can do so much more and it runs like a dream.

The Right Music Playlist Can Boost Your Performance Tremendously

You can compile your favourite tracks conveniently into a playlist so you can turn it on and up whenever you exercise. This is a fabulous tool you can use to take your training to a whole new level of enjoyment and intensity without feeling like you're going to burst.

Music amplifies your mood, helps you ignore fatigue and invariably raises your performance output. In fact, it takes all those familiar unwanted and uncomfortable feelings after a workout and throws them out the window. You are likely to come out feeling elated and uplifted rather than with your head spinning and wasted.

The best music for working out is said to have a beat rate anywhere between 125 and 140 beats per minute. Think modern progressive house, EDM, or even the latest Bollywood dance hits to get you exploring. There's so much to choose from it won't be long before you find a remix or two that really gets you revved up.

Time To Get Your Own Workout Playlists Going

If you're unsure where to start just drop the phrase 'workout playlists' into Soundcloud or You'll find a host of user-generated playlists, all from exercise junkies like yourself, which can be downloaded directly to each platform's dedicated mobile app.

Here's a good rule of thumb. The higher the beat rate, the harder you can exercise. So you can set and have separate playlists according to routines of differing exertion requirements. Time to get grooving, swinging, and pumping your body to results you can see and feel.

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