7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore a Foam Roller

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore a Foam Roller

If you haven’t got a foam roller or you are in fact frowning, and thinking ‘what is a foam roller’ then this article could quite possibly change your life. Well, maybe we over exaggerate a little but once you’ve read this it will almost certainly be on your wish list.

The foam roller, although sounding fluffy and lovely, is actually the cruel to be kind smack on the hand you used to get from your mum when she said ‘don’t touch the fire’ – it hurts at the time but you will be thankful in the long run. If you own a foam roller then you are nodding your head right now in agreement. The friend that tells you it exactly like it is but the one you can’t be without.

The foam roller is, in fact, a massage and used pre and post exercise to work and stretch those muscles that you put under duress when cross training or running. You know the drill – pre and post exercise you stretch, sometimes you feel lucky that you didn’t overwork yourself and therefore you will be fine, only to realize the next day that it does hurt after all. Well here is why you need a foam roller!

Cheaper than a sports massage!

You can watch many videos on YouTube about how to use the foam roller effectively to work the various muscles – the ITB, the hamstrings, your quadriceps and your calf muscles. By using the foam roller regularly it gets into the muscles and works out those problem areas meaning that you won’t need to spend as much on sports massages as part of your rehab.

You can take it with you!

It is easy to take with you when you are away. It’s not the smallest piece of equipment but if you are working away and using the gym or running when out of town you can take it with you.

Saves time

Even five minutes of usage is enough to work out those muscles after exercise. Regular short burst of foam rolling can be used as part of an effective pre and post workout routine.

A great preventative tool!

Don’t think it is just for working on injured muscles. By using the foam roller regularly as part of your routine it will help you to keep injury at bay.

Good for the circulation

Foam rolling will actually help to improve the circulation by breaking up any tight areas where the blood circulation may become restricted.

Reduces stress

A recent study found that foam rolling can help with myofascial release. This lowers the body’s stress hormone – cortisol.

Improved flexibility

As well as good stretching the foam roller will also help to improve flexibility if used prior to a workout.

If you have managed to get to the end of this article without searching for a foam roller already then we highly recommend that you go and have a look at the various types available. You will be surprised at the range and how little they actually cost for the benefits they provide.

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