You might think this is an expensive mat, but you really get what you pay for! Superior quality.. really worth the money. Every other mat I've used wears out in about 2 months with regular use. This has withstood the test of time!

Vilasini Muralidhar

Very useful for cushioning the elbows while performing planks or when knees need to be protected. Trendy design. Looks and feels good.

SK Kahali

The material is super smooth and fits well on the body.

B. Sundaramoorthy

The fit and material are perfect. Not too tight, or too loose. Even the lenght is perfect, and doesn’t ride up when I'm doing my HIIT workouts.

Ashotosh Agarwal

I give 5 stars to this product for the quality. It is genuinely a great towel to be used in the gym and makes me feel comfortable.

Nikunj Agarwal Write a Review

A perfectly engineered product for your feet. Comfortable and nice.

Ashok Kumar Gariagadu Write a Review

These are great not just for running, but also for regular use. Buy these if you want to give your feet the care they deserve.

Ajay Raj Write a Review

The fabric is so smooth and soft I can hardly feel it. Fits snugly in it during my mma training. And it doesn't get soggy wet like other underwear while training even 3 hours non stop. This product is an absolute WIN!

Puneet Sharma Write a Review

This is the second time I'm purchasing this. The first was a few years ago. Until now with extensive use it had not worn out. Good product in the way it grips the surface and the way it grips the palms on the Mat. Handy mat cover.

Srinivas Chetan H. K.

Been looking for this. An all-cotton tshirt that doesn't cling or get heavy during workouts. 

Tejas Mathur

This is the kind of socks that I had been looking for a long time. Fits perfectly, Great material quality. Perfect for my Gym and Golf.

Hemant Sekhri

Motivation, comfort, and fit all packed into a single tshirt. Need I say more. 

Rahul Puri

I have been using this sock while working out in the gym as well as for running. I find it very comfortable with a snug fit which doesn't let the feet move about inside the socks and shoe. I am going for another pair.

Joseph Lalrinawma

Lets me plank longer with ease. Just what I needed. 

Pratik Toranke

Strung together using technical yarns and high needle count machine, these socks are meant for high performance.

Brands such as TEGO have been focussing on delivering fitness wear that's perfect for Indian summers.

Strung together using technical yarns and high needle count machine, these socks are meant for high performance.