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“Having workout gear in the room means fewer excuses for not staying active while on vacation," says Los angeles-based frequent traveler, Jynarra Brinson. “The convenience of rolling out of bed and not needing to leave the comfort of your room to exercise, is something hoteliers should take into consideration more often.”

STANCE Mat Program


A small effort with big impact to show you’ve thought of every aspect of your customer’s stay

- A simple communication card* (Mat Card) placed inside the room informs the guest about the in-room yoga mat service can be availed upon request.

- Hotel will keep TEGO Mats for patrons to use. Mat will be provided for usage upon request and must be returned after.

- Hotel could also provide the mat program communication with booking confirmations via emails & messages.

- Each mat after use can be cleaned, wrapped and reserved.

*As per the Hotel Design

The Need And Why Now

  • Improved Perception

    Fitness is a growing theme today and the thought of providing yoga mats helps improve the hotel’s service perception.

  • Differentiated Selling Point

    For Yoga and workout enthusiasts this could be a deciding factor in choosing a hotel. A must have for frequent business travellers.

  • Lasting Impression & Memory

    Leave a lasting impression on guests. Positive experiences create top-of-mind recall i.e. positive word of mouth marketing.

  • Small Investment With Long Term Returns

    TEGO Stance Mats are durable enough to last for years, which means they won't require frequent replacement.

  • Provides A Unique Value Proposition

    Additional communication for hotels when selling to corporate clients, yoga retreats and bulk bookings. Can also be included in the search criteria for various travel websites.

What You Need To Get Started


Mat Tent Card

Mat Tent Card inside the room for communication.


Order Card

This card goes will be provided along with the yoga mats communicating the option to buy a brand new mat if the guest wishes to.The selling price for the same will be at the Hotel's discretion.


Mats For Guest Use

Mats to be provided upon customer's request. (5 Mats or 5 mats /100 Rooms whichever is applicable)


Mats For Reselling

Additional 5 mats to sell to guests, if they demonstrate an interest for the same.


Steps and Deliverables


1. Hotel places an order for Mats for usage and/or for reselling purposes.
2. TEGO will design tent cards for the rooms as per the hotel's standard communication design format, or they may provide their own.
3. The hotel will decide the quantity of cards required. Based on the number of rooms this service will be available.
4. TEGO will print & provide the first set of Mat cards. Future requirement of Mat cards will be supplied by the Hotel.
5. TEGO will print & provide the buy card based on requirement.
6. TEGO will ship the Mat card, Buy card and Stance mats ordered together to get started.

TEGO Deliverables

1. First set of Mat cards.
2. Buy cards in case hotel keeps mats for reselling.
3. Stance Mats at 30% off for usage as well as reselling.

Hotel Deliverables

1. Working with TEGO team to design the Mat Card and BuyCard.
2. Stance Mat for guests’ usage at 30% off MRP


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