Yoga For Runners


Movement Is In Our Core

As humans, walking on our two feet defines us. It is what separates us from other species we share the world with. Walking is our second milestone after we say our first words. Running takes a bit more time to master. We fall, we cry and we eventually get back up to try again. However, once we learn the initial muscle recruitment that’s required to run we don’t evolve our running technique as we get older. How do you know you’re running or even walking correctly?

Get Those Hips Loose

Slowing things down usually puts things into perspective. Our class today is designed to do just that. We first start off with hip flexor activation which wakes us up and adds so much more active range of motion right out of the gate. Next, we slow every movement down to its core. Walking in slow motion with larger steps invites us to pay attention to the subtle changes in our posture and muscle activation.  

Stretch, Stretch & Stretch..

Adding cross-body stretches mid-step adds new lines of tension moving through the glutes, hip flexors, core, and all the way down to our toes helping us feel our weight dynamically moving around us. Adding the hamstrings into the equation is the next bit. As we need strong and long hamstrings to get us moving, here’s where we focus on getting them into the game. All of the strength and flexibility finally lead us into a strong high lunge in which our back leg is the focus. Once we have our stability in place we can reach into our arms, pulling towards heaven and earth at the same time, adding in four separate lines of tension. This is your moment, this is your time to be strong and explore your balance. Finally, we lean forward to complete our single dramatic step.

Stripped Down To The Fundamentals 

Breaking movements down to their core elements always emphasises the little bits we usually miss out on when moving quickly. Running might be something we do every day. But until now have we taken a moment to feel every muscle involved that makes this magic happen? Hopefully, by the end of this class, you feel taller, stronger, and ready to take on any change you have lined up for your upcoming run! The final quad stretch is something you can also come back to post your run for a bit of chill and ease. 

Reap The Benefits

If you’re into sports that involve a lot of running like football or even short bursts of activation that are needed in badminton, this class will serve you well. Even if you walk regularly, this will unlock parts of your body and help you feel alive the next time you tie your shoes. 

We are all running towards something in our lives. Hopefully, now we’ll be able to make that journey a bit more mindful and purposeful. You got this…Go crush it!

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