TEGO X Anish

Ready. Set. PLAY.

Whether you’re a 90’s kid or from the Gen Z, a veteran everyday athlete or just starting out your fitness journey, you need a playlist to fuel your sessions and we’ve put together the perfect energy booster for you! 'Tego X Anish Sood' is a curation of carefully selected music by one of the country’s leading DJs Anish Sood to keep your body moving.

With the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Butch and Anish himself, the 125 BPM grooves will put you in the zone to take on new challenges. Ranging from 2-5 minutes per track, it’s the juice you need during your workout to stay motivated and focused. The playlist runs some of the verified artist’s very own famous tunes such as, ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Running Back To You’. So regardless of your music vibe, these hot tracks will get you through your workout feeling more pumped than ever.

About Anish Sood?

An award winning DJ, producer and songwriter, Anish Sood is one of the first few breakthrough dance music acts in India and has gone on to play main stages at global music festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland Unite and Sunburn Festival.

To The High Point

To The High Point

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