A Healthy Twist - The Sweet Potato Falafel

A Healthy Twist - The Sweet Potato Falafel

Servings: 3                                

Serving Size: 100g 

Macros Per Serving: 

Carbs: 29.6g 

Protein: 9.6g 

Fat: 6.8g     

Total Calories: 227 kcal  

Discover Chef Sadeev Pasricha's go-to post workout meal - the Healthy Sweet Potato Falafel. This nutrient-packed recipe offers both a flavorful experience and numerous health benefits.

 So, what benefits do you get from this recipe? 

 Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, promoting healthy skin and immune function and the chickpeas pack a protein and fiber punch. In essence, this balanced meal can be had post your workout or in any meal of your day.

 Here’s what you need to do..


  • 500g Sweet potato mash

  • 100g Millets/Quinoa

  • 300g Soaked Chickpea

  • 50g Bread crumbs

  • 30g Chopped garlic

  • 10g Chopped parsley

  • 15g Chopped mint

  • 20g Chopped green chili

  • 15g Chopped coriander

  • 4g Salt or to taste

  • 3g Pepper


1. Prepare Chickpeas: 
    • Start the night prior by soaking the chickpeas overnight.

    • Once soaked and doubled in size, blitz them in a food processor.
2. Roast Sweet Potatoes:
    • Roast the sweet potatoes in the oven at 180°C for 30-40 minutes or until a skewer penetrates with ease.

    • Remove from the oven, peel, and mash the potatoes.

3. Cook Millets/Quinoa:
    • Lightly toast Millets/Quinoa in a pan.

    • Add water (approximately 2 times the quantity of millets/quinoa), bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to a low flame.

    • Cook for 15-20 minutes or until the water has completely evaporated. Add more water if required.

4. Prepare Sweet Potato Falafel:
    • In a bowl, combine mashed sweet potato, kodo millet/quinoa, chickpea paste, bread crumbs, chopped garlic, chopped parsley, chopped mint, chopped green chili, chopped coriander, salt, and pepper.

    • Mix lightly and season to taste.

5. Cook Sweet Potato Falafel:
    • Sear them on a pan or use an air fryer with a little oil, or deep fry until they are golden brown.

6. Assemble the Bowl:
    • On a bed of hummus, add kodo millets/quinoa.

    • Top with rocket leaves, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves, cucumber (diced or slithers), and cherry tomatoes.

    • Place the lime-seasoned sweet potato falafel on top.

And there you have it - experience the satisfaction of enjoying a dish that not only tastes great but also contributes to your overall well-being. Follow Chef Sadeev on Instagram for more culinary inspiration that combines taste and health in every bite.


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